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Just set it up... here's my profile. Anyone else using it?

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WEIRD, man! I just joined myself, mere moments ago!


I do and you are now being followed...bwahahaha

[rant on]
Twitter is the perfect example of taking something too far. Internet journal? Blogging? That's cool. Give us a glimpse into your life. Let us flirt with the voyeuristic and maybe learn something new. Twitter is the presumption that I am so infatuated with your life that I want to know that you just made a sandwich or that the cat is sitting in your lap or that you're too tired to post in your LJ even though it's the 12th twitter post of the day. It reduces the effort required to expose yourself to the world while simultaneously reducing any interest the world has in your exposure.

Sooo.. that would be a no, huh? ;)

Yup - and now I'm following you. :) (I'm lady_pistons.)

(Deleted comment)
I'm one of the twitterati, as dsgood.

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