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Tweets for Today

  • 08:48 Just got the first printed copy of Shaintar from lulu.com, quality seems pretty good. I'm going to give it a green light. #

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I've been looking forward to a printed copy of Shaintar. I'm glad to hear that I'll be able to order one off Lulu!

Re: This is good news

It goes live this week. Probably Friday with our weekly release.

My company uses Lightning Source for its POD. You may want to compare the two next time you're printing to see which can provide you the better deal/best quality (unless you already have, in which case I'll go back to my corner. :)

We use Lightning Source as well, via Studio 2. They sell our books into distribution. I'll be comparing the two shortly, I hope.

I've seen good results from lulu's service (having unwittingly ordered it unawares). What do you think? I may use them myself if that result proves consistent. :)

It looks pretty good. I'll be testing a full color book later today, hopefully that'll look just as good.

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