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Tweets for Today
  • 11:23 @ephealy Let me know if you find something... that would be really useful. #
  • 11:25 Enter the GenCon art show or just work the Talisman booth... hmmm. #
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You do know I'll be working the Talisman booth as well right? ;)

Very cool. My brother Ben and my sister Heather may come as well. Sean, Kevin, Neen, and Jason will be there too. Not sure who else is coming yet.

Id help :-P if it was in jax hehe

Hehe... it's in Indy, I'm afraid. We might hit a JAX con one of these days, my friend Kevin tells me there is a new one starting up. He's going to check it out this summer and let me know how it goes.

Blah thats too far away!

Hey is Neen going to be at gencon over the weekend? Its super cheap to fly out there..maybe i could come and say HELLO!!!

I didnt know i wasnt logged in AND I meant maybe the summer after this one is too far away...to LONG of a time lol

If you fly up, we'll give you a place to crash and get you tickets for the show.

Yup, Neen will be at GenCon... she's Talisman's convention manager now, among other things.

Awesome :) Id love to see you guys...If I can get an extra day off work I'd come up in a heart beat (we have an audit the week of the 18th at work..so I'm not 100% sure)but i can find out soon. Anyways..Doug (my dude lol..hes a nerdy dude though hehe) would be coming with me...so i guess we could get our own place to stay.

Cool, cool. Just let us know and we'll snag you tickets. :)

Where are you guys staying? We were looking around at hotels online.

We're staying at the Hilton (4 blocks away iirc).

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