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  • 00:13 Just finished reading the 4e GSL. Wow. It is really restrictive. I'm interested to see which of the major 3rd party publishers sign up. #

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From my reading it's pretty much only good for campaign settings. Is that how it actually is? My legalese is weak.

Adventures and other support/expansion material too. You're not going to see any clones... this time around they want companies to support D&D exclusively.

That's too bad. Personally I feel like Mutants and Masterminds was the best thing to come out of the 3E OGL, and it would have been nice to see a 4E rundown of it.

I'm not converting to 4 so I haven't read (and won't be) the GSL. What's restrictive about it?

The big thing they were saying before the official release was that any given product could be D20 or 4E, not both. No dual-stat books, and if you create a 4E version of something, you must stop selling the D20 version.

(Savage Worlds' license is better, and core system is better. I'm just saying.)

Yeah, I heard about that one too. I understand the move from a business perspective. Selling "dual" books could have been a valuable market and encourage players not to upgrade to 4.

Kenzer actually tried to do that at one point by using their license with Wizards to do 1e/2e stats in their 3e books. Their books had to be approved by WotC though and that idea was shot down.

And if you switch over to 4e there is no going back, even if they pull the license.

And you know I dig Savage Worlds, being a licensee and all. ;)

Shane played it very smart with his latest move (though I figure it was also motivated by his wanting to make things easier on himself and his team, since most of them are working on the MMO).

WotC wants most people out of the "Made for D&D" business, I think.

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