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Rest in peace, funny man.
George Carlin has died of heart failure.

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Yeah...just saw that. Very sad.

Thanks 2008, enough already. How many of my influences are you gonna take? Damn.

I have the radio on while sleeping at night, usually a talk station. I laid down pretty early last night, so was waking up on and off. I thought my brain was telling me this, almost asked templar one of the times I woke up and came out. Thought no, brain playing tricks, I've been sound asleep. Guess not. Darn... what a weird trio this makes though.

Incidently, this is "better" to one of my dreams coming true, where I might have been pretty good at magic, my partner was not going to show that night (we need space...) and someone I saw who was normal enough moments before now had a Borg implant....

I had a touch of insomnia last night, so I was up when the news hit my feed reader. Sucks. :(

I did watch a few of his videos though... damn, them man was brilliant and he loved to call bullshit!

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