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Flash Flood
Our house was flooded today... there was a good 6-8 inches of water on the floor when we evacuated. Got the the pets and a couple important pieces of electronics tucked away in the truck, and retreated to my brother's place. Not sure what's ruined, other than all the carpet, for sure. The sofas are very much sitting in water right now, I know that. Ugh. I don't want to even think about it.

Can the day be over now? Please?

Edit: Here are a few pics after the water went down a bit. You can see the water line under the my office window on the left. I'm glad I got my computer out of there. It's kind of dark, but you can also see the trampoline in the yard... the water reached the mat, so it was probably 4 feet deep back there. The funny part is, you can't see the creek that flooded from our property -- that's supposed to be grass out there, all the way to the treeline!

Yuck. That sucks.

If there's anything a guy you barely know online who lives half a country away can do, let me know.

Thanks, bud. Just gonna call it a night and go down tomorrow and see what's done for.

Yikes, hope the damage is minimal, in the end.

Not too bad, lost one computer, all the tile and carpet, and possible two sofas. The rest should be okay (we hope).

I am really sorry man. Hope things turn out to be as OK as they can be.

Thanks... it could be much worse. :)

? I was unaware that NY was getting that much rain? I'm glad you guys will be somewhere safe though. <3

rain all across the state has been horrible. I'm very glad to be living on a rise so that chances of flooding are minimal *knock wood*

Ugh, so sorry I hope you are able to get back in soon and that the damage is minimal.

Thanks, we're working on it! Sure puts a nasty spin on con prep though... what a nightmare.

Man, hell of lame. Hope things get back on track swiftly.

Thank you. I'm hoping it's days instead of weeks.

Oh, dear. How horrible!

I wish you blue skies, crisp, dry air, several industrial-type oscillating fans, and an understanding and generous insurance adjuster.

We'll, we've got the fans going... no flood insurance though. :(

That really sucks.

I'm not quite so far away as inscrutable, only a few states, so I might be able to do something.

Ouch. Yeah, let us know what we can do to help out.

I'll be in touch about Gen Con prep... Neen and I are in a world of hurt in that department.

Wow, that sucks, amigo. I hope the damage proves to be minimal. Do you have flood insurance?

No flood insurance, I'm afraid. I'm not going to have a waist left after tightening the belt this time. Ugh.

Sorry to hear about this. Hope nothing irreplaceable
got damaged!

Just two pieces of art, oil paintings my dad did for me when I was a kid... they weren't submerged, but the bottom edges soaked up a bunch of moisture. Man, I wish the were hanging now (the were in my office with a stack of blank canvas).

Holy crap, sorry to hear about this, and so glad you got out before boats were required!

I hope you didn't lose anything irreplacable; my family is Midwestern/Mississippi-bred, so I know all about the nasty way flooding just .... keeps destroying things slowly.

I feel bad comparing our incident to the stuff Midwestern/Mississippi-bred folks have to deal with. We're not even in a flood zone (Ha!). Something got washed out a couple miles abouve us, rushed down the valley, and filled the stream the runs behind our house... it was a good 3-4 feet at the deepest in the yard, and 8 inches in the house.

What a nightmare, hope everything important is salvagable.

The really important stuff is okay, but we'll be renovating, to be sure.

That's AWFUL! *HUGS* Do you have insurance?

Thanks. No flood insurance I'm afraid. It'll all out of pocket. I see a massive art print/commission sale in my future.