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Print Sale
To help lessen the blow of the flooding, I'm having a print sale. If you ever thought about buying one of my pieces, this would be the perfect time.

$15 for signed 9"x12" prints, with free shipping in the US. You can browse through this journal or my flickr gallery. If you see something you like, drop me a line at aaronace [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll let you know if it's available.

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind comments. I really appreciate your support and friendship.


(Feel free to cross-post as desired, the more the merrier.)

EDIT: Several people have asked if I'll deliver prints at GenCon and I'd love to. It gives me a chance to say thanks in person.

I'm also doing a limited edition run of 25 signed and numbered copies of Headcase at 30"x40". Those are $100 for anybody who wants to see that freak poster-sized. I'll have one for you at GenCon, wickedthought, thanks a ton. You're a generous man.

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One of everything, right Mark? ;p

Posted here and <a href="http://the-outlaw.livejournal.com/361992.html</a>.

Oh wow.. I'll have to do some browsing. I've also passed along the link to some co-workers. My thoughts are with you. -Mystrys

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Posted. I also shot a message to a friend that might give this post a bajillion times more views.

Do you take Paypal and what would the shipping be to the UK? And what would the Paypal addy be?

I can ship to the UK, cost depends on how many prints. Ping me with your info, and I'll go down to the post office and getting a shipping price. I do take paypal, same email as above or you could use the button on my lj profile.

They're all awesome, amigo. I wish I could pick some of them up for myself. Good luck with the flood sale!

No worries, bud. And thanks. :)

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Sure. That's the cover for John Wick's Discordia RPG. :)

Dood, I just saw a link to you on warrenellis


Oh noes, he's gonna crash my site!

Seriously though, that' s just awesome. Orders are flooding (haha) in. :)

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Here's my profile -- http://twitter.com/aaronace

No prints of of Phoenix though, she was just a portfolio piece... only 5x7 iirc.

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I will have some stuff at GenCon too, but mostly my Talisman Studios work.

I hope you don't mind - I posted a note about this on my Facebook account since I have more than a few friends interested in gaming and art.
I plan on purchasing Daughter of the River after I free up some money (and if it's still available). It's a beautiful piece.

Thank you. Happy to spread the word. :)

I'll save a Daughter of the River for you.

I linked you on my livejournal, I hope it helps.

Indeed. You have my thanks. :)

We're actually tied for cash now because we're moving, but I'll see what I can do. I am, after all, getting a garage which I am turning into a really-awesome cool game room complete with miniatures and tables and rpgs and historical miniatures. I'm psyched! Perhaps some of your prints gracing the walls is just the thing!

Hehe, that would be cool. Send me a pic if when you get it set up. Maybe I'll get a chance to play when I visit FL next time. :)

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