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Quick Update
Thanks for all your support folks, my inbox is full of good wishes, offers of help, and flood sale orders. neenerpants and I are very grateful. We're both touched by your concern and thankful for your friendship. It means the world to us.

We're putting together a spreadsheet of orders in the evenings, after we finish working on the house for the day (dumpster arrives today, so we can finally get rid off all the nasty carpet, pad, and tile lying in the yard... what a mess). And we hope to get all the orders out before we pack up and head to GenCon in a couple weeks. If I haven't responded to your query yet, it's because I'm only about half way down the list of orders. With luck I'll finish up the rest in the next couple days.


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Holy cow. I missed your post on the 23rd, so just saw about the flooding. I'm late, but so sorry to hear about it. I've been hearing things about the storms further east and a lot of people ran into trouble -- downed trees and such. Hope the cleanup is as quick and fast as possible.

Yeah... it was a mess for a couple days. It's getting back to normal now. There was a mudslide a few miles away, near I-88, that was the root of our problem. It sent water right down into the creek that runs through Delanson... and we're right at the bottom of the valley. Ugh.

Gamers is good people. :)

If there's anything your friend in Florida can do let me know.

Thanks, bud. We appreciate it. :)

And then there were some of us who had big wishes for your work and took up more of your time :o)

OMG... i haven't been keeping up with my LJ...WTFrak! flooding in upstate NY? Did you take pics of the damage for insurance? Are you covered? Ack!!!

Nope, no flood insurance. Today was dumpster day. Tossed a ton of stuff. Felt kinda good in a way, like starting fresh.

I hope you're feeling okay. Neener hasn't given me an update lately.

I have another doc appt this wednesday. Was gonna post the new stuff after that. Some decisions have been made, and I still have some things I want to adjust surgery-wise. News coming soon.

I hope all goes nice and smooth. We're thinking of you. :)

You been to see the Jags yet?

Not yet...training camp started this weekend. Pads were put on today.

I just emailed the paper bout my coverage assignments since I saw the schedule and my name wasn't on any of the games for this season. I am pretty pissed. I know I wont be able to do the first half of the season but I can surely try to manage the 2nd half. I am waiting to hear back.

Man, that sucks. Hopefully you get some 2nd half assignments... and the playoffs and Superbowl. ;)

heheh So long as I get my requested Colts night game....I need to see my Manning play

He's hurt, he's hurt... no Manning for you (at least for preseason).

We got them coming here in Dec...so I think it will be ok by then :)

Hehe. Yeah, just teasing you. :0

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