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Tweets for Today
  • 19:49 Working late. Been a bit under the weather. 19 illos in the queue. Ugh. #
  • 23:09 Blurry vision, so I'm off to bed. Night Twits. #
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Totally OT, but how goes the making of prints?

We're finally all set for the overseas prints, I know it's taken me forever to get it sorted. It's going to cost roughly $7 per packaging tube and I can fit 3-4 prints per tube. How's that sound?

No worries on the timescale. I know this stuff takes time.

Price sounds fine. Just let me know the grand total and I'll paypal it over to you.

Grand total is $104, all told.

I'll have the Grimachu send it over.

Did I send you my mailing address yet?

Got it, thanks! And I do have your address. I'll send them out tomorrow. :)

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