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Tell Me About Your Character
Ever want to have your favorite MMO or tabletop character illustrated? Well now is your chance... I'm taking ten commissions for next month, details and samples behind the cut.

Head & shoulders portrait with abstract background: $35 (5"x7"@300dpi)
Head & shoulders portrait with full background: $50 (5"x7"@300dpi)
Full body portrait with abstract background: $75 (8.5"x11"@300dpi)
Full body portrait with full background: $125 (8.5"x11"@300dpi)
Multiple characters with full background: negotiable based on complexity.

For more samples of my artwork, check my portfolio.

You can reach me at aaronace [at] gmail [dot] com with questions or commission requests. I prefer paypal for all payments.

Feel free to xpost this if you know folks that may be interested. Thanks!

Edit: 2 spots open. Thanks for the orders guys!

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How much for a character with a motorcycle? Don't really think I can afford it but I'd like to check. She "believes" she's the hand of God and has a bike somewhat like Ghost Rider's (I have pictures of the one I like). Its from a supers game.

With bike, I'd go $100 with an abstract background and $150 for full.

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