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How Can We Help You?
Taking a page from shadesong's playbook here...

There are close to 500 people who friend this journal, so let's see if this little community can help each other out, shall we?

How can I help you?

More accurately, how can I and my friends/readers help you?

Have something to sell? New artwork to show off? Looking for a place to live? A job? Advice? Information? Ask below! I'll help if I can, and I encourage all of you to jump in and help as well.

Thanks for the idea, 'song!

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I'm looking for more listeners for the Podge Cast (http://podgecast.com). :)

Get my SS disability to come through, find a way for me to get insurance that covers pre-existing conditions (I pay around $900 a month in perscriptions and dread the idea of winding up in the hospital).

In semi-seriousness - does anyone know a way to have someone else pay my bills (my money) without me going into guardianship? I'm evidently super depressed and can't tackle them. (Yes I take anti-depression meds - two - but a combination chronic depression and Lupus and no family - or guy - overwhelms them.)

If you've got someone you can trust to do it, you can get a limited power of attorney specifically for paying bills. When I was in the Navy many sailors had an arrangement like this, with their spouse, fiance, etc., so they could take care of anything that came up while we were underway.

My wife used to be an executive assistant, and paid bills for her boss, so she might have some input when she gets home from work.

I can only offer sympathy (Aaron already gave the advice I would), but having been diagnosed with lupus and depression myself, it's lot of sysmpathy.

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I can vouch for Michelle's skills as a writer and editor. She's a top notch talent. I'm proud to have worked with her and will do so again, without a doubt.

Elsevier has offices in Philly. Used to be WB Saunders. Office down on JFK.

(Deleted comment)
I can't get the links to load. Sounds like fun, though. Once I see it, I'd be happy to Tweet it and maybe get some friends to take a peek as well.

Hi. Splendid idea. Thanks for doing this.

I'm currently in Beijing, China in pre-production on my first feature film. The script is solid, we've got lights and cameras and boom mics and all that jazz. But we still need funding.

There's a donate button up on my site if anyone would like to help. http://www.frankfradella.com

Again, thanks!

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