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Adopting Cat
Catherynne Valente is a fine writer who's run into a bit of a jam. Please take a look, maybe you can help.

Help Catherynne M. Valente

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Perscription meds if taken as perscribed cost me $1600 a month, rent is $830. My income (disability) is $2,400. Want to adopt me too?

If you're gonna do a bit of cyberfundered creativity, I'll certainly help spread the word!

I can do doll faceups (but not real well) and I'm learning to sew doll clothes so that I can sell them. I'm not a talented artist, I'm not a talanted writer. I'm an ex-systems analyst that can no longer think clearly, whose hands shake. If I take a day and go to an orchid show or a craft fair or anything involving a car ride of 1 hour or more and 3 - 6 hours in a wheelchair, I spend the next day recovering.

You know, I have several hundred flower photos, I wonder if I can work something up on zazzle where people can buy the pictures?? Of course, only a few people REALLY want photos of flowers, but its the only thing I did and I can't change now, can't take the pictures like I used to.

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