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Suzerain Webcomic

Welcome to this summer's special feature, a web comic by Miles M Kantir and Alec Acevedo. It's the Third Age on the continent of Austeria and Count 'Fortie' Fairfax is on the hunt with his misfit band of companions, the Fairfax Fellowship. ...

Features art by Talisman's newest studio member, my brother Alec, who's on summer break from Syracuse U.

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I wish the transitions between panels was a bit more thought out. Panel 1, we have some idea of an establishing shot (although those are some pretty featureless buildings... some porches, railings, windows, doors would have been nice). Panel 2, we have the Troll... but no idea where he is in relation to our mounted protagonist. Panel 3, the mounted figure is now feminine...when we see her in panel 1, it isn't very recognizable as the figure in the first panel,... I had to look at both panels twice.

Hey, comics are hard. Webcomics are really hard, as there isn't a team to do them generally.

No doubt about it. I do like your sketchy style though...

Lastly, I think you need a comma in panel 4.

I'm sorry to come out of the gate with some criticism... but it is because I see a lot of potential that I would bother commenting at all.

Thanks Storn, I'll pass your comments along to Alec. This is his first comic work, so I'm sure he'll appreciate the advice!

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