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Suzerain gets Savaged!

The open beta of Savage Worlds Suzerain is live and free for download. Grab a copy and let us know what you think. We're pretty excited about it, and have quite a bit lined up over the coming months to go with the "savage" launch of Suzerain.

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Lots of new Savage Worlds stuff in the works, not just Talisman, but a bunch of 3rd party publishers... gotta love it!


And I just found the pdf of the previous version the other day...

Curious to hear what you think... may have an assignment for you for the Relic setting. ;)

I'll be reading over it this weekend. I've skimmed a bit (I really don't like trying to read 2 column format on a screen, and I'll have access to a laser printer Saturday morning), and I've been looking over the wiki.

Great! Relic sounds like a fun setting. I'm a little confused about how the Elements realms are situated, whether each one is a physcial 1/4 of the planet, or if they're on seperate, but linked, planes. I figure that will be in the pdf.

All shall be revealed... :)

Cover illustration is called 'The Bleed' and it's by Jason Engle.

Well, in a certain corener of the german community it's catching quite a bit of flak for introducing too many new edges and playing loose with the basic assumptions of SW. The new "Über-Legendary" ranks didn't go down too well, either.

We'll see how it goes. We've been having a lot of fun, hopefully some of our fellow Savages will as well.

Weird. I followed the link and it tries to put in the billing address from some guy named 'Mark' who has $200+ in credit.

Weird. Works here. Anyone else having a problem with the link? Ping alan[at]talisman-studios[dot]com if you have trouble downloading a copy.

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I know, right? I love Jason's stuff. Your FLGS should recognize the art style at least... Jae works for every major publisher in the industry, including D&D and WW.

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