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The voice of an angel?
Good at reading fiction aloud? Are you willing and able to record a mp3 of very short story for me? I've got a small project in the works and could use a hand, well, voice. :)

Ping me at aaronace[at]gmail[dot]com for more details.

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my hubby might be interested in doing that.. he's got a great reading voice..

I'll shoot this over to him. :)

Willing and able, but unfortunately lacking recording equipment. You know, I really need to get something appropriate. :(

No recording equipment here either. I'm going to have to fix that.

I have the voice of an angel--a Jewish bass angel. :)

Perfect. Email incoming.

My next band will be the Jewish Bass Angels.

Excellent! I'm available, esp. for cover shots.

I used to work with RIF (reading to kids) and I read to Dianna plenty. I've done radio, screen, and stage work...yeah, I like vocal stuff.

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