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Frazetta's son steals $20 mil of his dad's artwork
Alfonso Frank Frazetta, son of the renowned fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, was arrested in eastern Pennsylvania yesterday after having reportedly stolen 90 items valued at approximately $20 million from a museum dedicated to his father's work. The younger Frazetta, aged 52, had an accomplice with a backhoe who helped him pull the door off of the museum. Frazetta was arrested after loading the works into a trailer and vehicle and was apprehended before he could drive off and flee the scene, according to The Pocono Record.

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Oh, this is very sad..

Agreed. I hope the museum stays open. I'd love to visit one of these days.

Ye gods.

If the police have their facts right - even if they don't - this is going to be full of heartbreak for the family.

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