Aaron Acevedo (aaronace) wrote,
Aaron Acevedo

  • 06:48 Layout for two big books back-to-back has left me with a mountain of email to catch up with.. see you on the other side. #

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  • A Memory of Light

    Tor announces the 12th and final novel in bestselling Robert Jordan's legendary Wheel of Time fantasy series will be completed by author Brandon…

  • The Art of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos

    This full-color volume collects the best art from Fantasy Flight's acclaimed Call of Cthulhu collectible card game, as well as from twenty-five…

  • A Song of Ice and Fire

    I finally finished AFFC. Want to chat about it? (Don't read the comments if you haven't read the book... I'm sure they'll be full of spoilers.)

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