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April Commissions
I'm taking five new commissions for April, details to follow...

Ever want to have your favorite MMO or tabletop character illustrated? Well now is your chance. Tell me about your character, I'm all ears.

Head & shoulders portrait with abstract background: $35 (5"x7"@300dpi)
Head & shoulders portrait with full background: $50 (5"x7"@300dpi)
Full body portrait with abstract background: $75 (8.5"x11"@300dpi)
Full body portrait with full background: $125 (8.5"x11"@300dpi)
Multiple characters with full background: negotiable based on complexity.

For more samples of my artwork, check my portfolio.

You can reach me at aaronace [at] gmail [dot] com with questions or commission requests. I prefer paypal for all payments.

Feel free to x-post this if you know folks that may be interested. Thanks!

EDIT: 3 spots remaining. Also, the video card on my backup PC is acting very strange, if someone wants to trade a commission or two for a spare video card, that could be arranged as well.

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The bullet-resisting superhero is a great pic -- reminiscent of Blake, in the combination of supernatural halo-like stuff in the background, "superpower" pose, and attention to detail on the musculature.

Sweet Christmas! It's a fan piece I did for my portfolio... I was reading New Avengers at the time.

I was struck by it, anyway! And Blake is one of my favourite artists, so the comparison was almost inevitable. I was thinking particularly of the image of Urizen with his compasses, dividing the Universe:


Thank you, kindly. Love that image. You made my day.

You're welcome. :) Glad to hear it!

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