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Caladon Falls Limited Edition

We've got a whole host of perks for this fundraiser, please come take a peek!

Our Story

Caladon Falls is Savage Mojo’s first foray into fantasy setting books designed for Savage Suzerain, using Pinnacle's award-winning Savage Worlds rules. Kicked off in November as a PDF, we’ve been asked repeatedly when it will be in print. With your help, we’d like to answer that with, “Before Gen Con 2011!”

As the trailer shows, there are a lot of people who have worked their hearts out to produce a top-notch, high-art, high-quality roleplaying game (RPG) book packed with stunning visuals, intriguing plots, and inventive prose. Caladon Falls is brought to you by names you’ll know and those we hope will become some of your new favorites. And every one of us wants you to experience Caladon Falls the most complete way possible: by owning it for yourself – in print.

Those Names You Know

We are fortunate to have a combination of established talent and people breaking into the business. Fresh ideas, a ton of energy, and experience abound, culminating in collaborative creations just not likely without both groups. Here are a few people who worked on the Caladon Falls project that you might recognize:

Aaron Acevedo - award-winning artist, longtime Savage Worlds contributor, and former art director at Pinnacle (Evernight, Deadlands: Reloaded (Origins Award Winner), Solomon Kane, Slipstream, Pirates of the Spanish Main).
Phil Brucato - award-winning author best known for Mage: The Ascension, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Sorcerer' Crusade, and Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium.
Jason Engle - award-winning Dungeons & Dragons, L5R, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, and Magic the Gathering artist.
John Wick - award-winning creator of L5R, 7th Sea, and Houses of the Blooded.
The Impact

Funds raised through this campaign go toward the production costs of a 750 book, limited edition print-run for Caladon Falls in its full glory. Each book is hard cover containing full-color interiors on high-quality paper. Those who choose to support us at qualifying tiers will get a copy shipped to them along with any other goodies at their chosen tier. Your generosity will help us gain the ability to put additional books on retailers’ shelves for others to access, increasing awareness of our company and introducing more gamers to the Suzerain Universe. If we do not meet our full goal, the funds will still be used to provide the perks promised and put some copies on our convention tables by way of an alternative printing plan.

What We Need & What You Get

We have twelve tiers to enable you to help as you wish. Every sponsor matters and every increment helps! From $1 to simply be remembered as helping to $39 to get not just the physical book, but also the accompanying PDFs of both the full GM's book and the player's guide to our super-crazy, $549 Patron of Suzerain tier with so much stuff you won't believe we're offering it. Printed Gamescapes maps, custom character sheets, short stories dedicated to you, and so much more are available just because you want to help us reach our goals.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share this site with others to get the word out and speed up the print process. The faster we reach our goal, the quicker we can move to print. We appreciate anything you can do to help us with letting people know what we're up to. Post to your favorite forums; share on Facebook; link via Twitter; tell your game group; do whatever you're most comfortable doing and know you've helped people who just want to do what they love while earning a bit here and there to pay the bills.

What People are Saying about Caladon Falls

Tommy Brownell of The Most Unread Blog Ever bullets his favorite things about Caladon Falls, “Amazing production values as always. More neat new Edges and Hindrances. A unique fantasy campaign with a military theme but a lot of variety that shows what Suzerain can do pre-Heroic rank.”

On DriveThruRPG, Dillard Rape has a lot to say, “Bottom line this is a five star [out of five stars] product…The art is superb. The setting material is enough to get you into the game immediately and Savage Mojo has tons of freebies online. The critters are imaginative. The villains are well thought out and original. It’s a military campaign with your characters as irregular forces. Maybe not the first time this has been done, but one of the best that I have seen.

“I love military fiction and this is good military fantasy...and quite compelling.

“Well worth the price."

Book Details

What exactly are Caladon Falls' contents? Good question! Here's the back cover:

They came out of nowhere and started ripping the world apart, one city at a time. Using power on a scale never before seen, Warlocks, godlike leaders of the Wild army, are rampaging on Austeria with one goal: raise armies and annihilate the entire continent. Set in the fantasy realm of Relic, this book looks at warfare through the eyes of everyday people turned soldiers – soldiers whose side is losing the war.

Take the challenge. Roleplay in a fantasy world where hairless dwarves walk through stone, magic is commonplace, and the spirit world doesn't always stay in check. Focus on a daily life and death struggle where the enemy is cruel, powerful, and around every corner. Take the challenge, and let your adventurers become...

...mankind’s only hope.

Inside the covers you’ll find 144 pages with:

* Heaps of world detail you’ll need to run games in Suzerain’s Relic realm during the War of the Wild.

* Over 50 new Edges, Hindrances, and Powers, including three new playable races.

* Stats for dozens of heroes and villains alike, plus an assortment of soldiers and monsters from the war.

* A finely-tuned setting in which to take your characters from Novices to Heroes.

* 30 scenarios including a full plot-point campaign covering the arrival of the Warlocks and the fight for survival in the Caladon Kingdom.

We have unlocked Relic, the Suzerain Universe’s fantasy realm. Now’s the time, when all kinds of perks are in place for our IndieGoGo sponsors. Come, explore, and answer the Savage call to be Caladon’s only hope.

or check the reviews here:

Music by Artem Bank:

You can also find a bunch of free Caladon Falls setting material on our site: http://www.savagemojo.com/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=11

Or download a free Caladon Falls novella here:

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