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That's nice. I like that. Makes me wish I had some real money so I could give you a steady stream of work.

I still owe you a cover! I've actually been working on it... but nothing I've done so far has really worked for me. The figures crashing through the window is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I will finish it up though, promise.

No hurry, no worry. Take your time. I'm sure it'll be great when it's finished.

BTW, I need to get hold of some artists who'll do SF art, but are willing to do so on the cheap, at least initially. Know anybody who'd be good for this sort of thing?

Sure do. Jason and I have opened Talisman's doors to a few new members. Send me an email with the specs and I'll see what I can do.

OK. I'm not quite at the planning stages yet, but I'll drop you a line in a few weeks when I am. I'm mostly looking for maybe a half-dozen or so one-page pieces with a handful of smaller ones done in a very contemporary SF style (which is to say, compatible with the kind of stuff you and Jason do).

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