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A change of pace...

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You do maps too? Cool. I will remember this.

I started out with maps and eventually learned a thing or two about illustration. I cheated though... this is an old one. Didn't have time for something new last night. :)

Hey! I remember this! I did some writing for you for this map LOL

Or was it one just like it... hmmm? Everyone wave to one of the first Talisman Studios freelancers. Hehe. You up for more RPG work or is the newspaper stealing all of your free time?

I am up for more RPG stuff. The newspaper times isn't that bad now that the Super Bowl is over with. Two of my pictures from the recent Guns and Hoses cherity boxing event were printed in the Mayport newspaper this week. I finally got some print credits for my photos :)

Excellent. We've got a few things in the works you might be interested in.

Great. Just let me know when/what/etc... :)

(Deleted comment)
I draw a bunch of building on paper, then scan and resize them in photoshop to get the scale (mostly) right. I think I'll post a couple of more maps... I'm working on Call of Cthulhu cards for the next few days so I probably won't have time for anything new today either.

I could have some fun with this village.

I love making these. I saved all of the source files, so all I have to do to make a new one is arrange the buildings and trees to my liking. Big time saver. :)

Careful you do not want a Mongoose situation on your hands. :P

The cartographer stole a map from the WotC website and passed it off as his own for the map he created for the Shadizar boxset.

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Working in gaming gossip since 1999. =+)

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