November 21st, 2006


Necropolis Awaits!

Pinnacle proudly unveils Necropolis by Paul “Wiggy” Wade Williams. Necropolis marks Pinnacle’s long-awaited return to the popular Weird Wars product line. As with the top-selling Weird War II and the jungle heat of Weird Wars: Tour of Darkness players face overwhelming odds as soldiers on the front lines of the battle against supernatural evil. This time, however, Mankind is locked in a perpetual war with the undead on the last habitable planet in the universe. Losing this war means losing humanity to the bitter moans of an undead future.

As a setting for the Savage Worlds system, Necropolis features a host of new edges, hindrances, archetypes, and tools for character creation. New Sci-fi vehicles and weapons are at the player’s fingertips to help in the fight against the undead masses. A spectacular list of weird sciences that incorporate the secrets of undead and arcane necromantic powers offer the War Master a array of horrific options.

Necropolis is a full setting and plot point campaign. A detailed history charts humanity’s journey across the stars and the development of the Armies of the Church as well as explaining the undead threat and humanity's precarious hold on its last bastion. 148 full-color pages provide everything willing recruits and scheming War Masters need to explore the torn planet of Salus and face the armies of darkness.

Necropolis is a PDF-only release available through the Pinnacle Entertainment Online Store. Download it today, or take a look at the Necropolis Preview and pick it up later.