January 11th, 2007


A Darker Shade of Adventure

The Castle Shadowcrag project is a privately-commissioned adventure written for a small audience. It is truly independent, supported entirely by its patrons, without ties to any game company or distributor. It will not be available to the public after February.

The patrons who commissioned the adventure have shaped it with their comments and suggestions, but the text itself is designed and written by a long time industry pro, Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king). The complete adventure is over 100 pages long, and includes both intense combat and Gothic mystery/roleplaying sections.

It features:

  • new monsters such as the shadow fey (behind cut), stained glass golem, and the angel of death,
  • essays on designing mysteries, planar adventures, city adventures, and more,
  • new shadow spells,
  • professional maps of the complete castle and dungeons
  • a unique shadow scene type

Please review the Open Design project today, and become a patron!

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