March 25th, 2010


Open Call - Board Game Designers


Board Game Design Competition

Savage Mojo is busy putting together a series of board games set in the Suzerain universe, and we’re looking for a person to join the team as a freelance board game designer. If you are a board game rules specialist who loves to hone probabilities and create elegant mechanics, then get in touch with our publisher, Martin Klimes:

MMK [at sign]

“In 2010 we’re planning a short series of board games to make the most of our fantastic map tiles and story cards.” said Martin, “The aim is to create games that get across the essence of being a hero in the Suzerain universe in a game that plays in about 30 minutes and can be played cooperatively or head-to-head and is family-friendly.”

Sound like the sort of project you could get behind? The work can be done from any corner of the world and in your own time, so there’s nothing to stand in your way – get in touch!


Savage Mojo was formed under the name ‘Talisman Studios’ in 2003 as an art and design studio to the adventure games industry, the brainchild of master artists Jason Engle and Aaron Acevedo. The studio is an Origins Award Winner (for Deadlands Reloaded), and has worked on hundreds of products. In May 2007 the company stepped up a gear, becoming a publisher in its own right, starting with its Gamescapes line of game accessories and building up to the launch of Suzerain. 2008 saw the company work on more than a hundred high art gaming products, with Suzerain being Origins Award semi-finalists. 2009 expanded the range of books and game accessories further and brought products to print for the first time. 2010 sees Savage Mojo in game shops everywhere through a partnership with Cubicle 7.

Suzerain is a multi-genre, multi-world game universe, Origins Award nominated in 2008. Ron Blessing of The Game’s The Thing ( had this to say about it, “I can't wait to spend time in this playground. As a whole it’s awesome. Suzerain can be as simple or detailed as the players and GM want. The art is absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully it's obvious I'm pretty high on this product. Wow. Just wow.” Suzerain is available for the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system, and as a free download using its own Mojo Rules! system.

For more details on this or any Savage Mojo topic, contact Savage Mojo at:

Email: hello [at sign]

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