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Looks like I've been approved as a Guest. Are any of you going?

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I wish I could go :<

maybe if a miracle happens and I am visting my boyfriend in Atlanta during that time, I can show up :>

My wife and I try to go to DC every year. It's our anniversary present to each other.

Awesome! I wish I could go, if only to get Melody Anderson's autograph. She's supposed to be there too. :(

Alas, finances are in short supply and certainly outpace my dreams.

It is an interesting guest list so far. I'm looking forward to the Firefly/Serenity stuff.

I want to go but it depends on my schedule. :)


Not anymore. I shaved it all off again. :)

Unless something comes up to change things, GAMA is sending me. I've already submitted a couple of Shaintar scenarios to run, and I've contacted the Guest folks to see if I can get back on "the list." Nice to see you there already, of course.

I want to. Unfortunately, I cannot.

I'll be there and I'm a guest as well :)! Its a great time!! -Mystrys

I remember seeing you on an LJ panel last year. We were all jammed in a tiny room filled to overflowing... can't much about the panel though. It was more of a big chat session, I think. :)

Alas, cannot. :)

But I am going to be at ComicCon, of all the random things. Don't suppose you're heading down there this July?

Not this year I'm afraid. Next year. Most of the stuff I have coming out this summer is gaming related so I'm going to Origins and GenCon Indy.

Of course I will be there. Already got my confirmation card. Mostly lookng forward to all the Serenity/Firefly/Joss goodness. Any news on if you guys will be in Jax prior to DC?

I think we're going to arrive in Jax the Sunday before the show. I've got a fantasy football draft... among other things. :)

(Deleted comment)
If you make it, swing by my signing. It'll be a ghost town. ;-)

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