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Bale is the Bat
Just saw Batman Begins with neenerpants. Best. Batman. Ever. And possibly the best superhero movie I've ever seen. Go see it. Right now. You might be able to catch a midnight show if you hurry.

It's that good.

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Unfortunately, I have to wait for the monetary situation to normalize, but I am sooooo looking forward to this one...

Loved it, loved it.

Loved it.

I apologize if I am being unclear.

twitch twitch twitch

Argh...I can't get out to see it till sunday!

Thanks for the review! Spider-Man I was my favorite, and its nice to see a potential challenger.

Even if this version paints Batman as a ninja.

I dunno.

Gonna have to go a long way to beat out "Mystery Men..."


This weekend.

"I'm getting angry, you don't want me angry." - Cpt Furious.

From what I've heard from pretty much everyone this movie is really good.

it's not mine. go for it.

Sorry, it's that politeness thing my parents kept trying to teach me. I let it out every so often so it'll leave me in peace the rest of the time... ;)

Not to be immature, but I masturbated furiously throughout the entire movie.
It's that good.

Now that's a good movie. :)

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