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Hungry Little Monsters

Hungry Little Monsters is a compilation project initiated by Sean K Reynolds to be a charity fundraiser for FoodForAll.org, a program to help feed the hungry. The book features 43 new monsters (each approximately one page long) for the d20 system. The theme for this book is "monsters for which you can use existing miniatures or tokens." Rather than a collection of bizarre-anatomy creatures that you can't represent with anything on your miniatures shelf or in a store, this book is full of creatures which you can represent in play with commonly-available miniatures or tokens. This is set up by a serious of monster archetypes -- corpses (skeletal or zombielike undead), fiends (your typical bat-winged demonic or devilish creature), humanoids, oozes, spirits (bodiless undead), and so on.

This is one of the three charity projects I've contributed to recently. It is for a really good cause. Take a peek.

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It's available now via the link. :)
I'll let you know if I come across anything new.

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