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Anyone using it? Here's my profile.

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completely unrelated, but..
i love your dragon icon.

Does he do art for ccg's like Magic? His style is very familiar.
(Man - i feel lucky to know - even so distantly as yourself - such talented people.)

He illustrates all kinds of stuff... lots of CCGs (L5R, Warlord, Game of Thrones, etc.), Dragon magazine, Forgotten Realms, all those cool tile maps in WotC new box sets. He's a machine. Twice as fast as me (at least). He taught me everything I know about Photoshop too. If you are into gaming you've probably seen his stuff.

I've been on Tribe for over a year now, but do nothing but post on my Tribes. Even created one however.

I've been on tribe for a long ass time, but gave up on it because it seemed to be mostly pervy new agey types who go, Oh, you like PKD too? You should really join my ~**ShowYerTits**~ tribe! But the new format seems pretty nifty. Here's me. Maybe it's worth another go.

I dig the new format too. That's why I'm giving it another go. :)

for some weird reason, tribe.net is blocked by my office proxy. Why everything else is fair game, I don't know, but tribe.net is off limits.

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