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I'm getting ready for Origins and I need to select my pieces for the art show. Anyone want to help out? I have to fill an 8'x4' panel so take a peek a my gallery and post the titles of your favorites pieces here.

(Thanks for the idea chadmichaelward)


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Re: Off the top of my head

Pirates and golden apples. Right up your alley. :)

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(Deleted comment)
Lillith (obviously that'd be my first choice), Route 666, Zombie, Monster, Discordia100, Challenge, Whiterabbit_1, Businessasusual, Immolation, and Peekaboo.

I think that gives a good assortment of the pictures you have in that gallery - some figures & portraits, a few still lifes, and at least one B&W picture.

Can't wait to see them in person!

I really liked ice puzzle 9 and 10

Ack! I'm gonna need more time for this because so much of what you do is good.

If I meet you at genCon, can you pretend you know me? LOL!

Only if you pretend you know me. :)

I'm quite partial to the Phoenix painting you recently posted; Atomic12 (I think; the one with the gas mask) is quite neat as well. Route 666 is also nifty.


Two for Route 666. Interesting. I didn't think anyone liked it. I had fun with the buckshot holes on that one. :)

The top six, chosen not only for being ultra-nifty, but also showing an assortment of genres and some interesting scenery:

1. Vamp
2. Seraph OR Elf Queen
3. Gunplay
4. Discordia 100
5. Dark Phoenix

Honorable mentions for the Route 66(6) sign, Ice Puzzle pictures, Business As Usual and White Rabbit.

Thank you. It'll be nice to finally meet you in person. neenerpants and I are looking forward to it.

In no particular order: Ghostlight, Redrum, Shinobi (my favorite of these), From the Ashes (currently my wallpaper) and On Til Morning.

"Demon Hunter"
"Ice Puzzle 2"
"Dark Phoenix"

hope that helps man
have fun at Origins

(Deleted comment)
There are so many to choose from and the photos are loading slow for me right now.
Here are some that I definitely thought were great:
Red Sister1
White Rabbit 1

Red Sister is one of my favorites. :)

In no real order - Whiterabbit_1, Icepuzzle1, Mistymorning, and Dark_phoenix (of course).

I wonder if I can put Dark Phoenix on display. I'll have to check the rules regarding fan art.

I rather like Raid, Atomic 12 and Route 666. And Dark Phoenix. That's cool too.

Is this your first art show? It sounds exciting!

Thanks for the input. It is my first art show. I'm pretty excited. )

Okay, are you exhibiting for style or exhibiting to sell? I will assume you want to sell, so look at your audience. They will be mostly gamers. I would suggest Avenger, Infernus, Necromancer, Peekaboo and Gunplay. (the second run list is very long) Demon_Hunter, Predator/Prey, Ghostlight, Ghost, Zombie, BusinessAsUsual, Fallen, Lich, Little_Vampire, Serapp, Absolution, Gunman, HellV2

I WANT Predator/Prey (how much? or is it not for sale?). Stylistically I like Icepuzzle5a, Beacon, Lich and Rebirth.

Are you showing at GenCon?

I guess I'm exhibiting for both style and sales. I'm definately going to have a variety of prints available at the show. I just started selling prints online. Here's a link to my store. I'm not going to be showing at GenCon though... I missed my window. I'm on the waiting list though, so you never know.

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