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Prospect Point

From Necessary Evil by Great White Games.

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Incidentally - did your Outfoxed page/login get deleted too?

I think so. I've been having trouble with it all day.

Some of my friends have, too.

I just deleted the extension for now, I'll reinstall it if they get it working...

I think I'm going to do the same. It's a shame... I like the idea.

Sweet! I love it! Where is it?

Page 76. Looks like they went with the second version... slightly different color scheme (I like this one better). :)

No no! I meant where is it a picture of? :-)

Ohh... :)

Prospect Point.

ohh NE.. I love super sorcery! muhahahha! NIce picture too. Is that a large alien head or a saucer in the distance over the mountains?

It's a dish/array/deathray-thing. :)

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