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Digging Deep
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This is one of the story cards I painted for Fantasy Flight Games.


Rock and roll! Very cool.

Very nice, lugubrious as should be. I like the blue-green light and the tiny speck of the torch.

The torch was an afterthought but I'm really glad I added it. It really helps with the atmosphere.

That's gorgeous. Makes me cry to think I'm not playing Call of Cthulhu right now.

I haven't played Cthulhu in a long time but I had a blast working on this set. I'm definitely going to take cards in the next set too.

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Hehe. Exactly. One of them is going to be screaming, "I told you so!". :)

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wow, that's really amazing! Great composition, atmosphere and value control. Is this also done by computer or is it by hand? Just astounding!

Thank you. This one was painted in photoshop with a mouse. Probably one of the last, because a few of the artists at Origins convinced me to try a tablet.

Ooo...pretty. I like the light coming through the ceiling and the torch - it's a nice detail.

The light coming through the ceiling is my favorite part.

Ohh, I LIKE that. Very neat!

I've always loved that one...

I'll post more of the set over the next few days.

Wow...I really like this one. Something about the open size of the place and the way the light streams in.

That's amazing; the lighting is just incredible.

Thank you. This is actually the third revision... it took me a few tries to get the lighting right.

Simply; awesome.
I can envision the tentacles lazily writhing up from the shadowy depths as they wake the dead God, or one of his minions.

Thank you. I wish I had time for a CoC campaign.

Amazing! Did you know I loved this work, even before knowing it was yours? Have you done more things for the CoC card game?

Thank you! This is my first set of CoC cards... I painted 15 for Eldrich Edition, including 6 of the story cards.

I love it! Great feel and colors.