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[meme] Getting rid of the body!
Tell me how you'd dispose of my corpse. Then post this in your own journal to find out how other people plan to get rid of YOUR body!

(stolen from mizzmarvel)

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pigs. i'd use pigs, which'll reportedly eat anything.

this is an excellent meme. consider it stolen :)

I wouldn't dispose of it.

I'd cover it in lacquer, pose it, and have it sit behind a table at every convention so everyone could have their picture taken with it...for a small fee of course. :D

Cover it in treacle and feed it to the pigs!

I'd fire it into space by rocket. Of course if I had a rocket then getting rid of your corpse would be the least of my abilities :-)

A giant funeral pyre worthy of ancient heroes.
(Because what, you actually though i'd be the murderer? Pff. Yeah, right.)

I'd donate you to Body Worlds. That way I'd have no work, no worries, and you'd always be on display in all your finery.

Maybe it depends on how you died.
Actually I would research the best way and go from there (the internet is the best place to research fucked up shit).
Probably, I would read about some cool way they bury bodies in one of your favorite books and do it that way.


I would feed it to your dog

Alex and Lucy are always hungry, so I am guessing Pedigree: the Ace Variety. They would love you long time

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