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Legacy of Nicocris

Here's another CoC card (c) Fantasy Flight Games.


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Sweet jesus that's beautiful! As was the last one you put up! Good job!

I've always enjoyed the artwork on the CoC cards. How many more have you done for it?

I'm glad you are enjoying them. I did thirteen others for the Eldrich Edition set.

yet again -- really amazing work!

Its great but I have to admit that the first thing I thought of was Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sharra. But then I'm a long time MZB fan. Its a great piece of work and I love the feeling of face in flaming energy.

MZB... CoC... it's all good. ;)

You rule. These pieces you've been putting up are frickin amazing!

Thanks. I really wanted to post these as soon as they were finished but I had to wait until the set was published.

Nice work. I rather like the piece you posted yesterday, too.

Incidentally, my outfoxed plugin is working again. Is yours?

I deleted it. I'll reinstall later on and see if it is working any better though.

(Deleted comment)
Cool! I tried to make her face very subtle.


I have nothing else to say.

I've been toying around with cover ideas for My Life As A Wizard. Nothing firm yet, but it is on the radar.

I have to say, that's some wonderful work. I bet those guys at FFG feel like they're getting far more than they're paying for.

I met a few of the guys at Origins and they seemed very pleased with my work so far. I'm definitely working on the next set, and I may be doing a few A Game of Thrones cards too.

(Deleted comment)
Let me know if you need some cover art. ;)

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