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Shadows of Nephren-Ka
title or description

Here's another CoC story card (c) Fantasy Flight Games.


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Very nice. I'm gonna have to break down and get some-a-those new CoC cards.

I looked for you at Origins, but didn't see you there. I did get to see your display, though. All of them looked great! My oldest girl loved them, too.

Many thanks. I didn't actually have a table in the art show this year, just the display. I ended up volunteering a bunch of hours in the Gmaes Library and walking the show with my portfolio in hand.

Very nice. We just got the new Arkham Horror, and will probably pick up the cards too.

Thanks. I have 15 pieces in the current set and I should be starting the next batch by the end of the week. Woot!

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Sling me an email and we'll chat -- aaronace[at]gmail.com

Nice work. Very spooky.

Looks like I'll have to start playing CoCCCG.

Just what I need...another addiction.

Hehe. Cool. Let me know how you like the game. :)

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Hi. :)

I actually use a combination of methods, so it really depends on the piece. Sometimes I start with a loose pencil sketch, sometimes I take digital photos, it really depends on the image. I do all of my painting in photoshop cs.

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Right now, I use a mouse. But I finally ordered a pen & tablet, so we'll see what that brings in the near future.

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All the life- and still-life drawing classes I ever took taught me to look at the drawing a little as possible as I'm drawing.

Even, when drawing from my mind's eye, this skill has helped greatly. It lets the hand work without being burdened by the eyes' demands. I would highly suggest you practice automatic drawing and life-drawing to get a feel for letting your hand draw what your eye or mind sees.

Have you considered doing art for any RPG books? I know parties in the Savage sector are looking for some folks.

I do most of my work for RPGs and CCGs. I actually just finished up a dozen pieces for Deadlands Reloaded. I'm the Creative Director for Talisman Studios. We're an official Savage Worlds licensor.

Great picture. Great gallery at your website.

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