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London Blasts
My sympathies to you Londoners out there. Take care. Be safe.

Edit: According to the BBC, al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility.

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Thanks for the concern. I'm alright and I've managed to get checks on most of my friends - although there are still a few whom I've not managed to contact yet who may have been in some of the affected areas. Added to the problem is that most mobile networks have shut down - either because of the networks being overcrowded with people phoning each other -or- because the police were worried that the attacks were being co-ordinated via mobile phone. Probably a bit of truth in both.

Thanks for the update. I hope all of your friends are okay too. I'm watching the news now but there isn't a lot of information to be had.

*nod* My husband had told me about it this morning when he called to get a password from me. I thought (naturally) that it was some sort of terrorist attack, but I hadn't thought about al-Qaeda. Feh. That means that either a) Osama is still out there, or b) they have new leadership now. Not good either way, and likely spurred a bit from London winning the 2012 summer Olympics bid.

the illusion of power...

One must remember, these kind of attacks are designed to frighten and give the illusion that these brave "soldiers" can only attack unarmed civilians, cause if they went into a straight ahead gun battle-they would get mowed down before they could get a second shot out.

--cheer up, England. Look at what they did to the last bunch who tried to bomb them into submission.

London calling,

The above picture is at the bottom of the road I work on (I sit about 200 yards behind where the camera is situated) and we've heard a lot of sirens and helicopters all morning. The casualty figures are unclear but those that have been released have been rising all morning, but the radio just said several hundreds in hospital and two confirmed (and a number more unconfirmed) killed.

I am still missing 2 friends in London..but there's a good chance they didn't take the underground.

Still sucks tho.

I've heard from my friends in London so that alleviates some of my worry.

All the same, I'm still compulsively checking CNN for updates on the situation.

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