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The Bond of Madness

Here's another CoC card (c) Fantasy Flight Games.


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Me too.

"You don't need coffee," they said at the diner..."I'll tell YOU when I don't need coffee," I said back. Plus, hey, no work tomorrow. Just hat shopping.

Nice card. BTW. Very...Innsmouth, I guess, would be the best way to put it.

Dude, you're -owning- this game.
(Did they even bother with any other artists for this?)

Many thanks. I hope the art directors agree with you. ;)

I am really enjoying seeing these. Keep 'em coming!

Thanks! I've got a few more up my sleeve. :)

Woops. That was me. Forgot to log in (not at home). :)

Hello, was looking at my info page an noticed you had added me.. I'm always a little flattered when people add me.

I'm going to add you back. I went "friend's only" a while ago. If you had seen any of my previous posts you would know why. ;)

If you decide that I am too annoying for your friends list won't be hurt if ya remove me.

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