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Street of Jackals

Here's another CoC card (c) Fantasy Flight Games.


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I like how evocative this one is for being so simple. It really puts me in a very particular place and atmosphere.

Are you up late or early? ;)

Thanks, John. :)

I'm up late. As usual. ;)

Heh, me too, though this hardly qualifies as "late" on my coast, and with my track record.

The sun is rising... must be time for bed. :)

Haha, lately I get angry at the birds for reminding me with their chirping that I've been up too late again. I tend to fall asleep well after sunrise lately. Not great for scheduling things with other people.

Ooo...very atmospheric. It feels like someone/thing might come round the corner any minute. The eyes in the shadows look sinister.

Now, let me understand this;
these are cards that have been created for this game, and may only -potentially- be used? Or are -definitely- being used?
(I'm going to go out and buy the ccg just for your art!)

They are all being used but some are more rare than others so they won't be in every deck/booster pack.

Oh wow. :) That's beautiful!

Very cool. At first, I thought it was an actual photo with filters.

Thanks. That's cause I like to use a low percentage paint daubs or watercolor filter on the final flattened layer to blend the textures a bit. :)

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