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[update] The Ice Puzzle

The Ice Puzzle--The Snow Queen reborn. Through stories, poems, and a through-narrative linking them all, a telling of the Snow Queen's tale through more than a dozen cultures and eras.

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I always really enjoy the ice puzzle pieces you put together.

a) I really like your illustrations for The Ice Puzzle, which are at this point my primary exposure to your work: I should clearly check out more.

b) May I assume you are the same person as acestatic? Because if not, I am deeply confused . . .

c) Hello.

a) Thank you. You can take a peek at some of my other stuff here.

b)I used to use acestatc but I have a nifty new perm account now.

c) Hello back. :)

I'vew always loved the Snow Queen story; you've really captured the mood of the tale well here.

Thanks. [info]yuki_onna's writing is inspirational. :)

Wow, very pretty. I love the sense of mood your pictures have to them.

i love that second one man...

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