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1 down, 4 to go
Just finished drafting my first fantasy football team of the season. I picked 4th in a 10 player league. I missed a few players I was looking for, but I'm happy overall.

1. Priest Holmes (RB)
2. Randy Moss (WR)
3. Antonio Gates (TE)
4. Julius Jones (RB)
5. Clinton Portis (RB)
6. Kerry Collins (QB)
7. Steve Smith (WR)
8. L.J. Smith (TE)
9. Eagles (DEF)
10. Carson Palmer (QB)
11. Larry Johnson (RB)
12. Plaxico Burress (WR)
13. T.J. Houshmandzadeh (WR)
14. Jags (DEF)
15. Mike Nugent (rK)
16. Braylon Edwards (rWR)
17. Travis Henry (RB)
18. Neil Rackers (K)

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Helluva team you got there. Interesting you went with Collins and Palmer as your QBs. I think Palmer is really good and that's not just because my wife is from Cincy either.

Of course, I'm a Dol-Fan so my mileage may vary.

Rolling the dice with Collins. He's pretty inconsistent but he has Moss, porter, and Curry now... how can he go wrong? I think Cincy is going to surprise a few folks this season. Carson was coming on strong at the end of last season.

I've liked Cincy somewhat ever since 81 when they defeated the, then hated, Chargers who defeated my Dolphins in that overly long playoff game. I so wanted to see the Chargers lose that I began to root for the Bengals. I find it oddly prophetic that I ended up meeting and marrying a woman from the very city I championed in the first Super Bowl I ever watched.

I am happy with my teams (all four). I will post them latter.

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