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[update] The Ice Puzzle

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These are so pretty. I especially like the last one.

Thank you. catvalente likes that one too. It's her new favorite. :)

(Deleted comment)
The last picture is really awesome.

Many thanks. How have you been? Jacksonville treating you okay?

Been good :) just working...temp jobs for a while..but i have perm job on monday yay...then school starts back the end of next month..ill be busy...plus my job is a 50 hour work week..but over time is good! I got a lil well way too drunk last night..hang overs suck..but its my own fault so i cant complain too much..we (myself, jason, james, and joe) where talking about missing you guys...cant wait to see yall...how are yall doing??

We're doing well. Business is really taking off and I'm always working (like that's new). Neener has a good job and she's up for an ever better one so keep your fingers crossed. We're planning a trip during the end of August/beggining of September if she can get the time off. We'll let you guys know for sure when we know. :)

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