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Origins Art Show
I just received my check from the nice folks handling the Origins Art Show. I also received an award certificate. Apparently, Seraph won Second Place for Best Contemporary Work (Professional Category). I was so busy at the show I never checked the results. My mother will be happy. Seraph is her favorite.


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That's fantastic. :)

And well deserved!

I've really enjoyed seeing your work - you've a wonderful gift :)

Thank you very much. :)

Congrats!!!!! (And well deserved)

well i really love that one!

Congratulations! I knew it would be a good pick for the show. (You probably knew it before I did, though. :))

Hehe. One of your recommendations I believe. Thank you. :)

Congrats. Always nice to get both recognition AND money. Was it just cash from what you sold at the show, or prizemoney, too?

Thank you. No prizemoney. It was payment for the prints I sold at the show. :)

That is a very beautiful picture. I like he sort of Rennaisance look to it.

She's pretty buff. I figured she was either going to be Wonder Woman or an angel. Angel won out.

congrats! it is a beautiful piece!

(Deleted comment)
Ahh, you're a hack!


Everyone else was being so nice, so I figured I'd best pop that balloon head of yours.

Seriously, I am very stoked for you. I'll have to buy Matt a couple of drinks...

Thanks. I needed that. My ego was getting as big as yours for a second. ;)

Say hello for me too. Matt and his wife were very helpful at the show.

Thanks! :)

That is truly beautiful. Wow.

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