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Think they'll trade him?
Owens leaves Eagles camp after spat.

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Geez, if he comes to play for the Jags, I'm gunna have to not renew my contract. One of the reasons I like the jags is they pass on these retards. man, I could live large on 15mil..for several years. I would have a hard time spending all that money!

His (and his agent's) argument is that his is the top player in his position (I say he's still behind Randy Moss) but not paid in the top ten (iirc).

Yeah, he's behind Moss..way behind moss. The guy has talent, but the thing is he has attitude too.

Jimmy Smith has talent, but isn't an asshat. Sure, it could be argued he's not even a top 10 receiver in the league (certainly he would be a top 15 or top 20), but he will be the first Jaguar HOF inductee..and isn't he like #5 on the all-time yards or receptions list? *shrug* not a stats guy.

Anyway, Owens is an asshat. I think in this day and age, his mouth outplays his talent which means he might have a hard time finding a team if the Eagles release him.

Jimmy Smith is a great receiver and very underated. He's quietly heading toward the HOF. I hope they find a number two for him. I hate seeing him get all the double coverage. Back to the days of Thunder and Lightning. :)

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