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[meme] When the Levee Breaks
I challenge everyone reading this - if they haven't already - to donate at least $25 (more is good!) to the Red Cross to help in their disaster relief effort.

Here's the link to make a credit card contribution: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp

Then, cut and paste this in your journal and pass it on.

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Done, and linked on my BeQuest page, too.

I would... But Im a charity within myself :( So, I send tons of good thoughts and mojo to everyone out there.

Actually, Im taking one step further. I told my boss that we should do something, since we are a public service anyway, and she gave me a budget to do a food and other drive. This is going to be fun :D

Can't really afford a monetary donation, but I'm going to donate blood to help out as much as I can.

Thanks. I'll donate blood too.

Make sure you call ahead and schedule an appointment.


Was planning on it, actually. Plus, I need to check on the closest place to do so (last time I donated, it was a blood drive at work).

My family has severe disagreements with Red Cross dating back to WWII. I donate to the Salvation Army. And I always donate goods and/or food and baby food. I would encourage everyone to donate baby formula and diapers. And if anyone has hand fans. A good fan you can wave by hand really makes a big difference compared to makeshift ones when you have no electricity.

Fans are a great idea. I just read that it is 97 degress in NO.

Cool, Salvation Army is doing good work right now. Check what their policy is on goods.

Thank you.

Donation made, link not made yet.

And Hi! May I ask why you friended me and where I might know you from?

Thank you.

Our flists have a couple people in common. I can't remember where I came across your journal exactly, but I noticed we shared similar interests so I added you. Hope you don't mind. :)

No problem at all. I just like knowing these things. Feeds my ego. ;-)

Understood. I like to know where people run across my journal too. :)

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