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Spiderman 3 Villains Revealed?
Hobgoblin, Venom, and Sandman?

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Actually there is a movie coming out called Venom. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the marvel char.

Haven't heard about that one.

The rumor that was leaked a few months ago was that Topher Grace and Hayden Church were both playing the Chameleon.

Now that's an interesting thought. My father and I have been saying Church is going to be Sandman since he was casted.

If this is true it has a Batman Returns vibe to it.

Ack, I hate multi-villain plots. So far I think the Spiderman movies have been pretty good. I'd hate to see them trip up on this one.

I was kind of hoping Bruce Campbell would be the Sandman. But we all know a huge role in a successful motion picture franchise that would gain him lots of respect and money just isn't Bruce.

Eric Forman as Venom? Hmmm...

And yeah, three villains in one film is just too damn much. Even two. One of the many reasons that the Batman franchises started to suck after the first film was that they tried to cram in too many bad guys. It dilutes the focus of the film.

Three villains are two too many.

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