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I pity the fool...
Mr. T: Treat Your Mother Right!

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Yeah, there's an actual full website for that. Can't remember what it is though. But if you send them an e-mail with your address they'll send you something Mr. T. I got a Mr. T. pin in the mail. :D

It's in my car. :D

Too funny. We met him at a convention once. Philly ComicCon in '94, I think. He was short. neenerpants dwarfed him. :)

Well she is six feet tall. She almost dwarfs me.

And besides, I wouldn't want to mess with him in his prime. I wouldn't want to mess with him now.

He's not Glenn Danzig short though. Amazing what they can do with smoke and mirrors in his videos.

"Well she is six feet tall. She almost dwarfs me."

It's the boots. ;)

Girls in boots *sigh* :D

Yeah, he is short. I got to meet him at a Mayors Teen Volunteer thing back in the 80's with the "just say no to drugs" thing. He was still taller than me at the time, but he was much shorter than I was expecting. :)

I actually sent that to my mom on Mother's Day this year. :D

Hehe. That's a great idea.

Mr. T is one of my heroes. No joke.
Part of that may be that the man can be so goofy and not realize it.

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