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Autumn originally uploaded by aaronace.

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Dude, you rock. I can't imagine what it must be like to have this kind of talent. I'm guessing you love your work, though. :)

Thanks. It still surprises me how much I love doing this kind of work. :)

Before or after she called off the wedding? ;)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I wasn't sure I liked the color scheme, but it's growing on me.

that's pretty fantastic... I really like this one.

I need to figure out a better way to do the trail of leaves. I used a leaf-shaped brush but they didn't ome out the way I would have liked. I think I'm going to do another of these... but with less detail.

Sometimes, there just aren't words invented...

Thank you very much. I love your new icon btw. :)

This is just lovely, Aaron. I really like the color scheme you used here.

Thanks. I struggled with the colors on this one. I finally dropped an orange softlight layer on top of the whole image and it pulled the whole thing together.

Very beautiful. The shading on her face is excellent.

I noticed you were a former student of Schenectady High (I'm a junior there) ... & that you're a game designer. Which is why I'm leaving you a comment. I'm thinking of becoming a video game designer, I'm in a career & technical school & I'd love to know what you think of your job...

Sorry, I babble.

My brothers go to Schenectady, Alec is a senior and Ben is a sophmore.

I'm glad you interested in game design but I can help you much with video game design. I develop tabletop RPGs, board games, and card games. I can tell you that RPI has some good programs though and Vicarious Visions is based in Troy. Maybe you could visit their offices to get a feel for the industry.

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