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NaNoWriMo -- Day 1

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
978 / 50,000

Not a bad start. More when I get up.


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(Deleted comment)
Good luck to you! And I like that picture. It really does capture the moment, eh?

The piece is Mad Poet by Michael Whelan. Seemed fitting. :)

Don't hate the playa... hate the game. ;)

The project is called "Archon Station" for the moment. Still undecided about the title. With a bit of luck you should start "seeing" results in a week or so. I'm writing a graphic novel for NaNo this year and Jason is illustrating it. We'll start posting progress pages on M-W-F, roughly 3 panels each day... I'm working almost exclusively with 9-grid.

Here's the word meter I used above.

You go, boy!
Man, I need me a counter like that.
And hey, you'll have to tell me about the project at some point. After it's done is cool, though.

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