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A Novel In Pieces
I'm contributing a series of original digital paintings to Catherynne Valente's (catvalente) new serial novel project.

The Ice Puzzle--The Snow Queen reborn. Through stories, poems, and a through-narrative linking them all, a telling of the Snow Queen's tale through more than a dozen cultures and eras.

New chapters appear on the website every Monday night at 8pm EST, beginning January 10th. There are monthly live chats with the characters, themed icons posted in anovelinpieces for subscriber use, Quizilla quizzes, and a prize raffle at the end of the serial run. There is also a Yahoo Group so that you can be immediately notified when new chapters have been posted.

Click the button below to subscribe.

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. . . Wow . . . The textures, colors, and blend of imagery on those is superb. These are stunning.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked them. Two down, twenty-four to go. :)

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