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Winter is coming.
neenerpants bought me a copy of A Feast For Crows on her way home from work. I'm going to Westeros now. See you when I get back.

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Are the links supposed to send us to the GMail sign in page?

Dude! Is there a paperback version available?

Not yet. You might be able to order a trade paperpaback from Amoazon U.K. it's been out there a bit longer.

I just started A Game of Thrones. Maybe fifty pages into it?

It's drawing me in, and from what I hear it only gets better. The book also inspires me to write, not only for the content but the fact that Martin breaks some of the writing rules I've been paying way too much attention to. I worry more about having "correct" sentences than interesting sentences. (I blame that on books like "On Writing", a bevy of English courses, and my crash course with Neph on freelancing.)

I can't praise the series enough. I love these books. I really do. :)

I will return there, one day. I am currently living in the lands of Guy Kaye, and will be returning to give McKiernan a second chance after that.

Then I will start over with "Game" and give George another run at my soul.

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