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It was Dad's 55th birthday yesterday. I ran a 15k race with my him and my four brothers. Well, more accurately, my father and I walked and jogged 15k while my brothers ran. Boy, am I beat. I'm glad that race is only once a year. Maybe next year I won't be in the clydesdale category (over 200 pounds). My official time was 1:57, about an hour slower than my last time. Of course, last time was sixteen years ago, when I was running cross country and training for a marathon. And a 100 pounds lighter. Ugh. I could run a six minute mile pace back then. It's more like 14-16 minutes now.

My brothers started a running club--Aces Wild--so it looks like I'll be running in a 5k Thanksgiving morning too.

What am I getting myself into?

This is all of us before the race. I'm in the back with the Captain America shirt on.

My brother Sam. Doesn't he realize it's November in NY? Crazy.

All of us after the race.

The guys sporting their Aces Wild brand. :)


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Running bad.

Cycling good.

So sayeth the man with no ankles or knees left.

Good luck, amigo. Don't die on me.

I used to love running. I ran the mile in 4:42 and the 5k in 15:15 in high school . I trained all the time, rain or shine. Then I joined the Navy and things went down hill fast. After 4 1/2 years stationed on an aircraft carrier I was really out of shape so I just stopped doing it. I hadn't really thought about running races until I moved back to NY and saw all of my brothers doing it all the time. Now I've got the bug again but it's tough on the ego. Running was always one of my strengths when I was growing up, now I'm terrible at it. We'll see what next year brings. I'm hoping to get down to about 175 pounds by then. I think that'll make a world of difference.

Hey Ace, I'm impressed you could finish 15k, whether walking or running! It's an accomplishment. Don't beat yourself up about the time or anything, though it's cool to use it as a motivator. But I'll second what Sean said--don't die on us. :)

Thanks, Prime! I happy I did it. It was tough but fun. I'm actually looking forward to the 5k... should be easy compared to this. Unless the weather is crappy. If it's snowing, I'm out. i'll leaving running in the snow to the young guys. ;)

Wow thats really great!! and i never knew you had so many brothers lol :)


I also have two sisters. Big family. :)

the brother with the scull cap thingie on looks so much like you..i wasnt sure which was you untill i read what shirt you where wearing lol

That's Adam. He's 1 year, 9 months younger than me.

i figured it was adam..since he was the only brother i remembered you having lol...I wonder if the others will look like yall when they get older :) My mother is having to see a sports med. dr b/c she started running 5 miles a day and ended up with something called runners anemia...scares me..good thing i sit around all day :P Actually Im trying to be more active...me, joe and mark having also being doing weight watchers...doing well..loosing weight each week..its fun..okay not fun..but it feels good loose weight.

I've been losing a little weight too. It takes some work but I'm having fun with it. Glad you guys are doing the same. Say hello to Mark, Mike, Joe, John and the whole gang for me.

That's pretty cool, it also gives you some motivation to get in shape...

mlvwrites and I recently did a charity walk for the Diabetes Association that felt pretty good. I'm working on getting back into decent shape myself. I used to run everyday, but am so out of it now that walking is it for me. We've gto a decent little gym at the new apartment complex we moved into so I'm making a few trips over there to workout too. Especially now that its getting colder.

neenerpants is going to start walking 5k races too. She had a lot of fun watching yesterday so we're going to start do them together.

holy crap... you had a brother explosion!

Gratz on the walky thing!

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